Lisa Kudrow doesn't watch "Friends" repeats because she may not like herself on the show

-Lisa Kudrow was at the premiere of her new movie "Booksmart" where she was asked about the upcoming 25th anniversary of the premiere of "Friends"

-She was asked her favorite episode and she said the pilot.

-Speaking of filming the pilot "We were like little puppy dogs just climbing all over each other and playing games. It was fun"

- When asked if she watches the show" I don't watch it if it's on. I might not like myself on the show, so I'd rather not risk that".

- Her son Julian turned 21 last week and he was with her on the red carpet. Fun fact: The writers wrote the triplet storyline to accommodate/ hide Lisa's pregnancy with her son.

-"Booksmart" opens May 24

Ontd: When was the first time you saw "Friends"?


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