'The View' Round-Up: Low Birth Rates, Warren Declines Fox News Invite, and More

The nation’s birth rates last year reached record lows for women in their teens and 20s. Meghan says the birth rate is the lowest in Japan and nearly a quarter of Japanese people under 40 are virgins. The co-hosts mention Italy and Spain, too, pointing out that declining birth rates is more of a global issue. Whoopi encourages everyone to go out to a bar and get off their phones.

Sunny thinks by the end of 2019 abortion will be severely restricted or illegal in about 20 states. She says it's very possible that the conservatives justices on the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade. Apparently there are only 4 women in the Alabama Senate and none of them voted for the near-total abortion ban. Joy says that Alabama ranks 37th in childcare services, 46th in healthcare and 50th in education.

Whoopi brings up the issue of church vs. state and how one of the reasons abortion became legal is because women were resorting to dangerous methods that could kill them. Sunny says she is a pro-life Catholic but as a lawyer she is against putting her religious values on other people. Joy went to a Planned Parenthood event where women were encouraged to share their stories.

Sunny thinks it's very dismissive to not go on Fox News because it's one of the top basic cable networks watched by many Americans. Meghan, former Fox News employee, agrees that it's short-sighted. Whoopi says that if you can't face the Fox audience then you can't face the country.

Yara Shahidi who is promoting her new movie The Sun Is Also a Star talks about her hair and what it means to her.

Craig Ferguson shares a story of when he bailed out his production assistant from jail in Las Vegas.

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