James Gunn Breaks Silence On High-Profile Disney Firing

James Gunn! The man who got fired and in the end received not one, but 2 franchises about misfit superheroes, speaks out, and takes something akin to......personal responsibility.

  • Knows hat people have been hurt by things he's said, it's his responsibility, and he still feels bad.

  • Was angry at himself and didn't blame Disney for firing him, and knew that he had to release some of that anger.

  • Thought his career would be torpedoed, forgot he was a white man, and got a call from studios within 2 days of his firing, one of which was WB offering him "The Suicide Squad".

  • Will probably focus more on Rocket in "Guardians 3" because that's the character he's closest too.

  • Initial conversation with Alan Horn was "Let's talk about this".