Trisha Paytas remains problematic

- Nickovado Avocado is a Youtuber with a mukbang channel
- Trisha hit him up in 2017, wanting to collab with him, claiming that she has been a fan for years
- She made plans to do a collab with him, but ghosted him when he arrived in LA to do a collab with her
- She then deleted her replies to him so that he would look like a crazy stalker and blasted him to her followers
- Claimed she never knew him, or knew of him even thought she is the one who contacted him first
- Trashed him, trashed his weight gain and his channel, and sent her little fishies to bully him
- Bullied him for two years, while he kept quiet with receipts
- This is NOT the first time she has done it to a Youtuber, other fellow Youtubers have come out to say that she has done the same thing to them.

The main issue is not ghosting someone, but rather ghosting them, doctoring the messages to look like it was a one-sided conversation, and then bullying him online, rather than admit that she made a mistake by ghosting him.

For some reason, ONTD still supports this racist pedo-apologist trashbag.