NCIS:New Orleans C.C.H. Pounder on " Strahan and Sara"

-NCIS:New Orleans cast member C.C.H. Pounder came on "Strahan and Sara to discuss the season finale.

-Says she decided to go by her initials when she graduated from Ithaca college in the early 70's. At graduation all the boys got credit cards. "Mr." C.C.H. Pounder also got one. She then relized the difference between boys and girls. Money. Note: Unmarried woman were not allowed to have credit cards until the Equal Credit act of 1974.

- She speaks of all the ways her name is mispronounced. The initials stand for Carol Christine Hilaria.

- Speaks of the tv show where she played Michael's mother. 2009's "Brothers" where she also starred with Daryl" Chill" Mitchell who is on NCIS: New Orleans.

- Says she got her calm demeanor from her father who walked calmly to get a briefcase during a fire.

NCIS:New Orleans airs it's season finale tonight.

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