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Parents don't regret naming their kids after Daenerys

Suzy Friot has said she doesn't regret naming her daughter Khaleesi Jade.

“From the time her title Khaleesi was introduced, both my fiancé and I agreed that we loved the name. We loved how it rolled off the tongue. As the show progressed, we love that her character overcame many obstacles and earned respect and love as a queen, instead of being a tyrant. On top of it all, she was a beautiful, intelligent woman. She is a woman who was going to change the world.”

She doesn't fault Dany's actions in the latest episode. "I do still love her, and understand she feels like she has been scorned by the people she trusts."

On how she'll explain the name to her daughter when she's older, "I just sum up her character as a strong woman who had to learn to adapt to a world that underestimated her; a woman who took the role she was given and flourished into a queen worthy of a throne.”

Nolan Geary, who named his daughter Khaleesi Genevieve, hasn't seen the latest episode yet, but jokes “I named her after this beautiful independent woman who’s brought freedom to all these places, and she’s turning into a goddamn tyrant” who gets away with a lot "because I bend the knee."


[Question about the latest ep.]Anyone else wondering why Jon is so scandalized about Dany's actions when he was okay working with the wildlings and being buddies with Tormund?
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