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Real Housewives of Potomac - 4.2 Discussion Post "Here Comes the Bride"

- the Bratz Doll Candiance gets married to her grifter deadbeat fiancé
- her mother is guilt tripping her for bringing her estranged brother to the wedding
- YellowLightGreenLight's boyfriend dumps ha so she takes ha best friend to the wedding as a date
- can we talk about these vows y'all? This white literally took song titles of R&B songs and put them together all fragmented covering New Edition to Jodeci and more. OP will be making a playlist of it soon for y'all
- Her Brokeness and her fine ass Philandering Was-band show up late as hell
- Battler of Trees Monique tries to apologize to Gizelle for putting to Sherman's business. It's not resolved. Big Boy ushers Monique away
- Messy Boots International Michael and Ashley are still fucking messy and drunk


This episode has been brought to you by the movie Cinderella.
Tags: marriage, reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo), you in danger

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