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Nathalie Emmanuel talks about Missandei and lack of diversity+ S08E05 LIVE VIEWING POST

-On what Missandei's death meant: “So this is a conversation going forward about when you’re casting shows like this, that you are inclusive in your casting. I knew what it meant that she was there, I know what it means that I am existing in the spaces that I am because when I was growing up, I didn’t see people like me. But it wasn’t until she was gone that I really felt what it really, truly meant, until I saw the outcry and outpouring of love and outrage and upset about it, I really understood what it meant.”

-On Missandei dying in chains: I guess when I saw that she gets captured and she dies in chains, I just felt the weight of that and what that really means, I really felt, I was heartbroken for her really. But I think in a story sense, it doesn’t matter that she’s a good kind person, she is not safe and in the grand scheme of things, she’s disposable really. That is the hard reality of the world of Game of Thrones and the world they’ve created, even that person who’s so kind and loving and calm and harmless, even that person can be taken away. I think the fact that she died in chains when she was a slave her whole life, that for me was a pungent cut for that character, that felt so painful but like I said, it’s the reality of the world.


Who is ready for tonight???
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