Naomi Scott and Henry Golding cover W magazine

-For her audition for "Aladdin, Naomi Scott had to buy a dress as she did not own one.

- She's a devout Christian, and says her music was influenced by gospel pop artists Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin, even though most of her recent songs are steeped in R&B.

- Met her husband, soccer player Jordan Spence at church when she was 16.

- Both of her parents are pastors. She says her take on Chritanity is less rigid and has an openness to questions, as she questions everything.

- She says she's training herself to not read twitter so much. Say's it's a discipline not to look.

- She says on fame " I'm a work in progress. I know I'm going to mess up and say the wrong things and not always get it right.I'm trying this approach of being honest and being myself and seeing how it goes".

- Henry Golding moved from Malaysia to Surrey , England when he was 8.

- He looks foreward to playing an unlikable criminal in "The Gentleman" with Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey.

- Thought he and McConaughey were going to have fun on set, but says Matthew was very intense and never broke out of charecter on set.

- Is looking foreward to non racially distint roles like his film "Last Christmas" where he plays Tom. Not "Asian Tom.

"Aladdin" comes out May 24. "Charlie's Angels": November 15

"Last Christmas" with Henry Golding, Emilia Clarke, and Emma Thompson, comes out November 15.