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'Mod Squad' and 'Twin Peaks' star Peggy Lipton dies at 72

-Peggy's daughters Kidada and Rashida Jones announced that their mother lost her battle with cancer - them and Peggy's nieces were by her side
-Peggy was married to Quincy Jones from 1974-1990
-"Peggy was, and will always be our beacon of light, both in this world and beyond. She will always be a part of us," said the daughters' statement

Twin Peaks co-star Kyle MacLachlan, who always enjoyed a damn good slice of cherry pie from the fictional RR Diner that Lipton's character worked at, said this:

Twin Peaks co-star and fellow RR Diner employee Madchen Amick posted this tribute on Instagram:

I lost a sister today. She was a true angel on earth. Always the coolest in the room. You couldn’t fit anymore love into that gorgeous soul of hers and she shared her heart generously with everyone around her. She was such a proud mother. Loved her girls more than anything in the world. I will always love you Peggy. I hope to dance with you again in the stars one day. 👯‍♀️ #PeggyLipton #NormaAndShelly4Ever

Source / Source 2 / Source 3

Weeping at yet another Twin Peaks cast death. RIP <3

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