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ONTD Original: Seven Awesome RPGs Soundtracks That Isn't Final Fantasy

It is my birthday, ONTD.  So, my gift to ONTD is another orginal.  On every list from here and back again, you find Final Fantasy on it.  While I do enjoy and own some of their sountracks (FF9 soundtrack is my favorite...fight me, ONTD), I thought of doing something a little different.  I tried to add a few popular titles to where in the world did you play that game, Mouse?!

Persona 5
Favorite Track:  River In The Desert
OP's note:  This was actually hard for me since I own Persona 3-5 soundtracks.  Altus bring it each time with each game.  I adore each soundtracks.  Persona 3's Mass Destruction and Persona 4's Reach Out to Truth are my favorite those games.  So, I went with the one that I most jam too.  So, Persona 5 wins
Rogue Galaxy
Favorite Track:  The Relic's Song
OP's note:  What in the world is this game, Mouse?  Before our favorite series on the PS4, Level 5 made a few games for PS2 included Dark Cloud 2 and this game, Rogue Galaxy.  (Go listen to Dreaming My Home...beautiful as well.)

Dragon Quest XI
Favorite Track:  Overture XI
OP's note:  I know Square got a lot of hate for using an orchestra for this game.  I thought that music was beautifully done.  The music just fits the game so well.  I remember sitting there and listening to each town's different song.   The start of Act 2's music...It fits the mood perfectly.

The World Ends With You
Favorite (2nd)Track:  Twister
OP's note:  How do I describle this game music....uhh...a little bit of hip hop, rap, and someone on an acid trip.  XD  I do enjoy it.  I wish that I could find a video of my favorite track but youtube doesn't have it.  So, I post my second favorite instead.

Shadow Hearts 2
Favorite Track:  The 3 Karma
OP's note:  I love 2/3 soundtracks (both games to boot.)  It was damn hard to decide. Again, I went with the emotional aspect...and this song brought to the table as the final boss's theme.

Suikoden 2
Favorite Track:  Reminiscence
OP's note:  I miss when Konami made you know...RPGs.  Listening to this song again after so many years...it breaks my heart.  I realize that it fortold a lot of crap in this game.  It still one of my favorite RPGS of all times.

Legend of Heroes:  Trials of Cold Steel
Favorite Track:  Enormous Inner Strength
OP's note:  Recently, I got the soundtrack with new shiny edition of Legend of Heroes.  I forgot how much I enjoy the music.

Honorable Mentions:  Kingdom Hearts Series, Pokemon, Castlevania Series

What is your favorite soundtrack?

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