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James Charles' History of Predatory Behavior, Plus: his Subscriber Count is in Free Fall

That episode with Shawn Mendes


In 2018, Shawn started a live stream on Instagram to show off his juggling skills. James popped into the stream and wrote, "Can u juggle me like that." After he left his comment, Shawn ended the live stream, which has made fans believe that James made him uncomfortable.

Another fan confirmed this theory, after revealing that they attending a secret session with Shawn, who supposedly said he sees James' comments all the time and doesn't like the "weird sh*t" he writes on his page constantly.

After hearing the news, James took to Twitter to apologize and explain himself, which led to Shawn apologizing to HIM. Read more...Collapse )

In little over a day, James Charles has lost 1.6 million subscribers on Youtube (10% of his overall count).

[Spoiler (click to open)]

James Charles' subscriber count has been falling by several thousand since he made his tone-deaf comments about the MET gala, but they're in an unprecedented freefall since Tati released her video yesterday.

Annoyingly, the attention around his and Tati's drama means that he earned more TODAY than some people make in a year.

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This is apparently only the tip of the iceberg.
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