Comedian KevOnStage shares his thoughts on Twitter Poll: Do you wash your legs in the shower?

Comedian Kevin Fredericks, better known online as KevOnStage, has uploaded a video sharing his thoughts on the latest topic blowing up Twitter over the last two days. It all started on Thursday when Conor Arpwel (@Arpwel) made a Twitter Poll asking: “Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?” 81% said yes.

19% however do not and several people went into the comments to defend that decision. Several people suggested that the soapy run-off water going down their legs does a perfectly good job of keeping their legs clean without requiring them to lean down and do it themselves.

What are your thoughts?

Poll #2092668 Shower Poll

ONTD, do you wash your legs in the shower?

I do not, come at me.

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