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ONTD Original: When Actors Just DGAF Anymore (GoT Edition)

Have you been watching the last season of Game of Thrones and have wondered what creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have been smoking to destroy almost every single character arc and development they have created and crafted since the beginning of the series in the span of just three episodes? Fear not! because it seems that some the actors on the show just might agree with you. With only two more episodes of Game Of Thrones to go before the series comes to a close and finaly ends our masochism, I thought it would be fun to watch when some of the actors couldn't (or wouldn't) hide their thoughts about some of the writing choices for their last season.

Let's start off with Kit Harington, who desribes season 8 finale in one word:

Not only does he say it's disappointing, he also says it's terrible (@6:30):

With Emilia Clarke's sarcastic "BEST SEASON EVA" and Nathalie Emmanuel's dead pan responce, this video will easily go down in GoT fandom infamy (@ 0:43):

Emilia also saying how reading what happens to Dany in the last season "fucked her up", thinking about how fans are going to see her character from now on.

Gwendoline Christie explaining how she was so pissed off after reading the script for episode 8x04 she "went very red" and had to take a walk.

While Peter Dinklage takes the more... subtle aproach (@0:13 lmao at the short pause between saying David and Dan while looking at the camera):

While other times, not so much (@18:28):

Joe Dempsie wonders where character development went with Gendry (20:00) (and asking if weirder fan fiction can be made that's better than what's happening on the show @ 23:00)

As well as him saying how "stupid" it was for Gendry to ask Arya to marry him.

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Joe cannot be contained rn

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