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James Charles responds to Tati Westbrook

A follow up to this and this post from earlier today.

James Charles has uploaded a new video responding to Tati Westbrook.

Charles apologizes to Tati and her husband James and thanks them both for everything that they have done for him.

Says Tati took on a “parental role” for him knowing that his parents were across the country.

Still maintains that he is not lying about the security provided for him at Coachella by SugarBear Vitamins and that he won’t address it for a third time.

Says that he betrayed two people that have been very loyal to him and that he wishes he “could take it back.”

About manipulating straight guys and his predatory ways: He says he wishes that he had never shared any details in regards to that on social media. He refers to it as “strange and unique situations that have left people confused and upset.”

Says he’s learned the hard way with “ways of interacting with boys” that he’s trusted and ones that he shouldn’t be talking to.

Acknowledged that Tati did sit him down to talk some sense into him about it and explained how “it looked from the outside” and told him that “talking to these boys might get you into trouble someday.”

Asks his own mother not to defend him in the comments or on social media. Adds that this is a problem he got himself into and it’s his job to deal with.

Ends by saying that in the past he has pulled out receipts and screenshots to “play the victim” but says “not today” and “I’m not.”

His tears throughout the video are dry as hell.

As of this posting (5/10), James has lost nearly 1 million followers. Tati had 5.8 million before the video and now currently has 6.4 million subscribers and counting. The dummy (Gabriel Zamora) who tried to insert himself into the drama that had nothing to do with him has lost a few thousand followers.

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