Montana Wildhack (demented_21) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Montana Wildhack

SVU Promo for the 'Epic' S20 Season Finale: Our Suffering Is Almost Over

Next week, it's the SVU finale! Which means I won't have to waste time trying to watch an episode every (other) week! Titus Welliver returns, and his beard is magnificent, and this is also the last episode of Stone as the ADA (good riddance!), and yet neither of those things is enough to get me to watch. Let's just wait for September.


ONTD, first of all, I apologize for not replying to your comments to last week's post, but I am just about 99.999999% done with this season of SVU so I just... couldn't :/ Also, I didn't watch last night's episode either, but apparently it was ripped from the headlines, and it had Ilhan Omar (or an actively antisemitic version of her) "faking" elements of a sexual assault a la Jussie Smollett, but with a homophobic twist? Like... Keep it. At this point, I'm just counting the days until Warren Leight returns. Lastly, I still love you, I just don't love SVU, so sometimes it's hard to even muster up the energy to actively participate in these posts, even though I read all your comments! Thank you for being here ❤️
Tags: law and order (nbc), mariska hargitay, television, television - nbc, television - premiere / finale, television promo / stills

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