'Game of Thrones' Baby Names Rose in Popularity in 2018

  • The list of top baby names for 2018, as logged by the US Social Security Administration, is out now, and shows a rise in Game of Thrones and Star Wars inspired names.

  • From Game of Thrones, Khaleesi rose from #631 in 2017 to #549, and Yara jumped from #986 to #672. Arya (spelled the GoT way) was #119, with variations of that spelling being popular as well, and Jon (spelled without the "h") was at #754. Other characters like Brienne, Tyrion and Cersei didn't crack the top 1000 names.

  • From Star Wars, Kylo jumped from #1152 in 2017 to #856 in 2018.

  • The top two names overall? #1 for girls is Emma, while #1 for boys is Liam. Check out the popularity of your name at the official website.

A more detailed breakdown of Game of Thrones related name distribution, from a data editor at NBC News.

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