Tati Westbrook Drags & Ends James Charles In 40 Minute Exposé

  • After posting about her betrayal weeks ago, Tati Westbrook has taken to her YouTube channel to address the James Charles situation.

  • While she addresses the incident that set this off, the real juicy stuff is Tati confirms James Charles is a predator and she has witnessed his predatory behavior first hand.

  • Tati speaks about a time in Seattle at her birthday party when James bragged about trying to trick a straight man into thinking he was gay and when he shoved James off, James started acting like a victim.

  • Tati says she was shocked and immediately told James he needs to seek help because someones sexuality is their own and for he to try and manipulate it or exploit any crack, can follow and damage a person for the rest of their life.

  • She also tells a story about a time when she met James' parents and how James got into a verbal fight with his dad because James says every man is "a little bit gay" and how he knows this. Tati says she was moritfied.

  • Tati helped James renegotiate a better deal with Morphe, they wanted to give him a shitty deal and she used her good relationship with the brand to help him out and it instantly made him a millionaire.

  • James lost his manager after his ebola scandal and no one wanted to work with him. Tati and her husband, who worked in Hollywood, used their contacts to find him a new manager.


Woof! She really exposed the fuck out of him.