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Bill Nighy is a PokeManiac After Being Cast in Detective Pikachu

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-The Guardian did an article about the return of Pokemania. They interviewed Bill Nighy who's in the upcoming Detective Pikachu, and while he missed the initial Pokemania of the 90s, being in this film ignited a sort of fervor in him regarding the highest grossing media franchise.

-His favorite pokemon is "the ancient Mew [...] because he's just majestic and he was the very first ... He was elegant and powerful."

-Gushes about a phsyical book pokedex he used to own but has since donated to a Canadian child. Equates the joy of having a plastic pikachu in a plastic dome on the cover of that pokedex to when he held an action figure of his character from Underworld that came with two "free" daggers.

-If you're in Strasbourg, look out for Bill Nighy as he might be trying to catch Pokemon there via Pokemon Go. He loves the collecting aspect

-Kept the wall hangings from the movie. Waiting for a wall strong enough to hang them on, but they're currently in his cellar

Who's your favorite Pokemon? Also feel free to share codes
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