Mel Gibson cast as Santa in new movie and Seth Rogen has some thoughts about it

  • You may remember multi-hyphenate Mel Gibson as that asshole who assaulted his girlfriend while she was holding their infant daughter and then later sent her abuse ridden violent rants but did you remember that he is also a virulent anti-semite? Well Seth Rogen remembers!

  • Mel Gibson has been cast as Santa in Fatman a film about a 12 year old boy who hires a hitman to assasinate Santa (Gibson)

  • Rogen tweeted out "Ho-ho-holocaust" denier in reaction to the news, a reference to the 2006 recordings of Mel Gibson's arrest for drunk driving during which he blamed Jews for all the wars in the world

  • In 2010 Winona Ryder also revealed she had known Gibson was anti-Semitic for years after he called her an "oven-dodger" in an apparent reference to the holocaust and Ryder's own Jewish lineage