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YouTube Drama! Gaming YouTuber ProJared Cheats On Wife, Also Solicits Nudes From Fans

Hoo boy this one's a doozy! Late last night the Gaming YouTuber "ProJared" (Real name: Jared Knabenbauer) announced on his Twitter that he and his wife Heidi O'Ferrall, a cosplayer, are getting a divorce. BEWARE PEOPLE ARE POSTING HIS NUDES IN RESPONSE TO THREADS SO IT'S NSFW

He failed, however, to mention the fact he was making the announcement to his wife, and also blocked her prior to the announcement so she wouldn't see it, but she's smarter than that, so she puts him on blast

She then goes on a tweet storm, which is too many tweets to add here, but the gist of it is: Jared has been distant for over a year now, and she has been desperately trying to save their marriage, thinking she was the problem. They decided they should get a divorce a few months ago and then on an old phone of his, she found nudes and sexts from Holly Conrad, a YouTuber/Cosplayer/Bird Enthusiast. Holly had recently moved from LA to Seattle after divorcing from her husband, YouTuber/Artist/Gamer Ross O'Donovan. The relationship started in October 2018, and Holly and her ex husband announced their divorce September 2018.

So Holly thinks it's a good time to tweet to Jared:

And Heidi isn't having any of it:

Holly has decided to fuck off the internet for now, not before making a colossally bad tweet

AMONG all this, it's also come out that Jared solicits nudes from fans, at least one of whom has come forward to say they were 16 at the time.

Heidi says that she asked him to stop eventually, since she felt pressured to let it continue past the point she was comfortable with, and he "shut it down" in 2017 only to start it up again. She doesn't blame any of the fans and didn't realize anyone underage had been involved, and apologized for her role in this.

And the thread from one of the fans:

Basically: He was 16 and pre-transition and sent a photo of himself with his arm over his breasts, and Jared posted it to his nudes Tumblr without his consent. Also, sent dick pics to him knowing he was 16. Another person has also come forward with accusations of soliciting nudes while they were a minor

ETA: he's been fired from his distributer/multichannel network

Jared's statement
Heidi's response
Holly's response
Soliciting and sending nudes to minors #1
Soliciting and sending nudes to minors #2
Heidi confirms solicitation of nudes from fans
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