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'The View' Round-Up: STEM Shooting, Anne Hathaway, and More

The co-hosts honor Kendrick Castillo, the Colorado STEM student who lost his life saving his fellow classmates. They discuss gun control and the failure of U.S. politicians to enact any meaningful change to prevent these shootings from happening in the future.

Meghan says we should be paying attention to mental health and that it's a holistic issue. Joy points out that there are people with mental health issues in every country but those countries don't have a mass shooting problem like the United States. Abby says the students at Colorado STEM don't want to be used as political props and Whoopi agrees that it might have been too soon for politicians to go out there.

Abby says this is the first Congressional subpoena for a Trump family member. The co-hosts speculate what Congress might want to ask him and they wonder if Donald Trump Jr. will go to jail.

The co-hosts discuss the new TLC show sMOTHERED which is about mother and daughter duos who take their relationship to the extreme. Whoopi looks horrified at the trailer.

The co-hosts talk to Anne Hathaway, who's promoting The Hustle, about how she's able to cry at the drop of a hat. She took Bryan Cranston's advice to drink a lot of water before a big crying scene. Sunny says that could come in handy in real life.

Anne thinks there's a difference between female con artists and male con artists because of gender inequality, including in the workplace where on average women are paid less than men.

Anne thinks representation is important so she is supportive of the idea of having a female James Bond.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton of The Doctors fame talks about her ex-husband's suicide and processing grief.

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