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James Charles' highschool classmates expose how he used to catfish the soccer team for nudes

A couple weeks ago, James Charles’ rumored fling Gage Gomez made a Youtube video claiming that James manipulated him. In the video, Gage claims that James knew he was straight all along and pursued him anyway.

"James saw this as an opportunity to manipulate me as a person who may or may not have been trying to figure things out about their sexuality, after the fact that I told him I was straight multiple times," he explained. "Because as you all know, this person, 99.9 maybe 100 percent of the time goes after heterosexual men."

This all stems after his following lost it when the two were spotted "cozying up" at Coachella. Shortly after, James sent out a series of cryptic tweets, calling Gage a "disgusting con artist."

Although Gage did say he had an "awesome" time with James at Coachella, he alleged that the shishter tried to pressure him into doing things he wasn’t comfortable with.

Gage reveals, "There were some parts where I guess he was not sure how I was feeling, even though I was telling him the whole time I wasn’t into, I guess you could say, experimenting at that time... He proceeded to get extremely upset with me because of that and kind of tried to play his emotions and push [them] onto me to kind of guilt me into trying something that I didn’t want to do."

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