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The spoilers for Game of Thrones episodes 8.5 and 8.6 have leaked


I will try to compile all the spoilers and put them in the best order that I can:

-Cleganebowl happens and Sandor and the Mountain fight and both end up dying by falling into a fire.
-Dany's army captures Jaime. Brienne tries to talk to him but he refuses.
-Dany burns Varys alive for betraying her and thinking Jon would make a better ruler
-Dany makes a big speech and everyone gets mad at her. Tyrion angrily throws his hand of the king pin on the ground.
-Dany assaults King's Landing and it's one-sided as hell.
-Tyrion begs her to show mercy but she refuses.
-Tyrion frees Jaime to try to get Cersei out of the city.
-Tyrion tries to convince Jon that his family will never be safe because his lineage makes him a threat to Dany's rule.
-Dany has Tyrion arrested to be executed for freeing Jaime.
-Drogon burns Euron's fleet
-Dany and Unsullied fuck up kings landing and they begin to surrender but the surrender bells that sound off in a tower literally "break" Dany mentally and she goes pure mad Targaryen.
-Grey Worm also lets his anger get the better of him as Lannister troops surrender he says fuck it and throws a spear at a soldier which starts a crazy riot where Dany's army starts raping and pillaging everyone.
-Unsullied are just indiscriminately killing (women and children) and Dothraki go on a rape rampage.
-Cersei's human shield against Dany doesn't work, Dany burns innocents inside the Red Keep Walls
-Cersei watches Dany on Drogon approaching closer to her and Qyburn tells "we should leave"
-Cersei has a flashback of herself burning the Sept of Baelor and seeing Dany burn innocents reminds her of herself. She sees herself in Dany.
-Cersei escapes to the dungeons of the Red Keep to protect herself.
-Jaime fights Euron and kills him, but Jaime is mortally wounded.
-When Jaime shows up to try to get Cersei out, she has this speech about just wanting the baby to survive. Jaime tells her that the baby never mattered, that only she mattered, that only they mattered.
-The Red Keep at that point crumbles on top of Jaime and Cersei and they die in each others' arms.
-Dany goes to the Iron Throne and touches it
-Drogon comes in and fucks shit and burns the Iron Throne
-Jon tries to talk to Dany but she justifies her actions.
-Jon pledges himself to Dany but then stabs her, then surrenders himself.
-Drogon flies away with Dany's body but doesn't kill Jon.
-A council gets formed to decide who the King should be. Tyrion gives a speech and everyone votes on Bran to become King.
-In the epilogue, Jon takes the black again for killing Dany. Arya leaves. Sansa rules the North. Bran oversees his council of Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn.

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