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Tom Ellis graces the pages of Men’s Health

Tom Ellis is in the pages of Men’s Health magazine this month and reveals his recent body transformation after losing a bet with his trainer of nine months. The bet was straight forward, if his show “Lucifer” was renewed for a fourth season on Fox, Ellis would have to commit to a more rigorous three month training plan. If it was cancelled, well...he would not.

“And then of course the show got cancelled,” laughs Ellis. “I was devastated, but one thing I did think was at least I’m off the hook! And then everything happened with Netflix, and the first call I got after the show was picked up was from [my trainer] Paolo, saying ‘we’re on.’”

Tom had three months to bulk up and gained 20lbs in the first two months of training. He then started going down in weight the last month, changing from heavy compound to smaller, medium weights, and doing supersets on different body parts. He also started every session with a sprint session on the treadmill.

When it came to his eating plan, Ellis had five regular meals and two shakes per day. Meals were macro balanced with most of his carbs coming from vegetables. The Satan actor also completely cut out alcohol and beer from his diet for those three months.

You can read a more detailed article on Tom’s diet and exercise plan at the source. Season cuatro of Lucifer is streaming now on Netflix.

More photos at the source.

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