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toro y moi performs on npr's 'tiny desk' concert series

  • the artist formerly/currently (op note: ?) known as chaz bear (a.k.a: chazwick bradley bundick, a.k.a.: toro y moi) continues promo for his latest album outer peace on npr's tiny desk concert series.

  • in preparation for his tiny desk concert, chaz & co were given two possible sound scenarios: aim to recreate the heavily electronic and lustrous aura that birthed his latest lp, outer peace or strip away the bells and whistles for an acoustic performance. the game-time decision was the latter and fans were treated to brand new iterations of these songs.

  • stream the performance below:

set list

  1. "laws of the universe"

  2. "new house" (op note: fave)

  3. "freelance"

  4. "ordinary pleasure"

sources 1 | 2

i'm loving chaz's look, especially his eye bling--and his curls are back!--ontd, how are you maximizing your pleasure today?

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