Ds9 documentary What We Left Behind roundup: new interview and clips!

In this 10 minute CBS news segment, Nana Visitor and Ira Steven Behr talk about the documentary.

  • A clip featuring scenes from the "new" season is shown

  • They discuss DS9's failure to tackle gender/sexuality as thoroughly as they did other issues (Ira legit brings up Garak here lol, and Nana mentions the episode Rejoined)

  • They talk about new fans coming aboard in the binge watching era

  • Nana talks about Kira and how there weren't many roles like that for women in that era, but that it's better now

  • The interviewer is clearly a stan, icu

Here's a potted history of DS9, featuring a surprise guest

The AV Club has a clip where the female characters of DS9 are discussed, featuring Terry Farrell, Nana Visitor and women fans.

UK trekkies will get a chance to catch WWLB in the cinema!

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I'm hyped, all the clips look great.