'The View' Round-Up: The Billion Dollar Loser, Postpartum Bodies, Dr. Jill Biden, and More

The New York Times came out with a report on years of Trump's businesses losses which total more than $1 billion. Whoopi is pissed that Trump got away with not paying taxes. Joy can't decide if Trump is a fraud or a loser. Sunny thinks he's both but she doesn't think that Trump's base will care.

Sunny loves that Harry was carrying the baby for the photo-op and she talks about how she still had a pouch for a while after giving birth. Joy jokes that she's still carrying the baby weight.

A group of women posted a picture of themselves with their postpartum bodies. Whoopi says someone who writes "how about dieting" in reaction to a woman who just gave birth is a moron. Meghan is grateful for her health and thinks everyone should celebrate that.

Jill says we have to do more about guns and that everyone needs to think of an exit plan in case of a shooting situation. She is very sympathetic towards the victims of the Colorado school shooting and says that Joe is going to work hard to address the issue.

Jill says they made the decision to run after having a family meeting that included their grandkids. She thinks they can achieve great things.

You can watch Whoopi mock Meghan at the 4:35 mark.

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