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Meghan McCain Faked Sick To Avoid Talking About Shady In-Law + Husband Launches Homophobic Attack

  • Seems like Meghan McCain can't handle facing the truth when it comes to her own personal life, so much so, that she faked sick just to avoid talking about it last week on The View.

  • Producers of the hit talk show ratted to the Daily Mail, anonymously, that everyone is sick of Meghan and called her out for faking sick for two days last week so she would not have to address the fact that her father is currently under an ethics investigation by the DOJ.

  • Producers knew she was faking because she told them she would return on Friday, so she could be there for the big Joe Biden interview.

  • Meghan's father in law, Doug Domenach is an Assistant Secretary for the Interior department and currently faces an ethics investigation for discussing policy matters with organizations they were formerly employed with.

  • Meghan McCain's rough week continues after she has a disastrous visit on Late Night with Seth Meyers and her husband, noted white supremacist and editor of The Federalist, Ben Domenach, launched a series of homphobic tweets against Seth in denfense of his wife.

  • The interview turned sour when Meyers pressed McCain over her continued distaste for Democrat Ilhan Omar and her comments, which Seth called "dangerous" as she most recently tied them to the San Diego synagogue shooting.

  • The discussion got heated and Meghan ended the interview by calling Meyers biased and if she's unpopular "so be it".

  • Hours later, her husband went on an unhinged twitter rant (viewable at the source) in which he launched homophobic attacks, accusing of gargling on Lorne Michaels balls and how Seth is only successful because he's a white male (op note: THE IRONY).

  • He has since deleted the tweets.

You can view the Seth/Meghan interview here:

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