Princess Diana’s astrologer reveals details on the royal baby’s star sign

Yesterday the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry welcomed a baby boy. Debbie Frank, who was Princess Diana’s astrologer for more than nine years, gives E! details on the Royal baby’s Taurus star sign and chart.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, Baby Sussex is the one that’s the highest impact because he’s got that sunrise birth,” she says. “That just makes him such a powerful force for change and he’s also a very old soul I feel. He’s got these placements in his charts which sort of feel to me that he has a lot of compassion and empathy for people. I think that combination he’s going to really use that [royal] position that he’s got to make a difference in the world.”

A second astrologer provided a chart above and added that he’d be outgoing like his father Harry. “His Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius, the most fortunate position for the planet known as The Bringer of Good Fortune and it is in the Eight House of his chart, the house of power and the stewardship of other people’s resources,” says Zerner.

According to another astrologer, Randon Rosenbohm: “With his moon in Gemini in the second house, I think this is a very intelligent baby who will spend a lot of money on things,” she says. “He has Mars opposing Jupiter across his axis of personal and shared wealth, which shows that he can spend the public’s money as quickly as it is taxed.” She adds that he has Venus in his 12th house, which indicates that he “will be of service to the public life.”

Rosenbohm also added that Meghan and Harry will give the baby an unusual name. She says it matches her prediction that with his Uranus, a quirky-rebellious planet, on the ascendant, he will have “an idiosyncratic presence.”

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