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90 Day Fiancé gifts us with yet another spinoff

Have you ever watched “90 Day Fiancé” and wondered why these fools would choose to go to the US instead of demanding their pretend significant others travel to live with them? Well ask no more, because beginning June 3rd TLC is giving you exactly what you asked for!

“90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” will look at 6 Americans who are leaving their country because they are morons are desperate to make their love story work.

Who will you be hating by the end of this season?

*Jenny (Age 60) and Sumit (age 30): Although catfishing would normally be a deal breaker for anyone with a normal sense of a relationship, Jenny’s passions were only stoked by Sumit’s creativity and now she’s leaving her life behind to move to India and marry him even though Sumit’s family are like “Hell to the no” at that idea! Oh young rebellious love!

*Laura(age 51) and Aladin (age 29): Aladin is a cut personal trainer. Laura is a retiree from California. With their 20+ year age difference you can imagine their relationship is full of questions, like “You mean the internet wasn’t always around?” Three days after meeting in person these two got engaged and now Laura is leaving behind her family and dogs to move to Qatar for some abs. Will their love survive the fact that he can have multiple wives if he wants?

*Tiffany(age 27) and Ronald (age 29): It’s a more age appropriate relationship but Ronald can’t come to the US because he’s got the small case of a criminal record and former gambling addiction. Certainly not anything that should stop Tiffany from uprooting her 8 year old son and moving to South Africa with a man she barely knows right?

*Corey (age 31) and Evelin (age 26): Corey met Evelin 4 years ago on a trip to Ecuador and he’s ready to take the next step in their love story. However not only does Evelin refuse to spell her name with the widely accepted “y” spelling, she also refuses to move to the US. Now Corey will have to see if his love is strong enough to live without regular access to hot running water in his new small fishing village home.

*Deavan (age 22) and Jihoon (age 29): After meeting on a dating app, Jihoon flew from South Korea to Utah to meet Deavan. Neither of these two have ever heard of birth control because Deavan got pregnant on night one! Now she is traveling across the world with her 3 year old daughter (from another relationship) in hopes of a marriage proposal. But Jihoon’s parents won’t be letting their son marry someone he’s already knocked boots with so...that might be a problem.

*Paul (age 35) and Karine (age 22): These two fools have already been on here before, on Before the 90 Days. They already are married and have a baby and Paul is moving to Brazil because his mother won’t sponsor Karine and also because she gives her son creepy gifts made from her own hair, so moving as far away from that as possible is probably a good move.

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Will you watch this train wreck ONTD? Or has the current season of “Happily Ever After” made you never want to see any of these shows again?
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