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Lady Gaga’s Met Gala entrance deserves its own post y’all

Gaga delivered a 15-minute red carpet entrance that included not 1 but 4 outfit reveals! All designed by her friend, designer Brandon Maxwell. Although the costumes were more on the simple side in terms of design, Lady Gaga absolutely sold the camp thru her performance on the red carpet. A performance that even Anna Wintour was smiling for.

Anna Wintour was completely taken with the pop star’s arrival antics.
Wintour couldn’t suppress her enthusiasm for Gaga’s red carpet performance. "When asked how anyone could compete, Anna Wintour yelled back: 'They can’t!'" according to a tweet from Ramin Setoodeh, the NY bureau chief for Variety.

Elle: It's as if Gaga has been training for this Met Gala for her entire career and tonight was her Olympics. The Queen of camp wore four looks in 15 minutes, and gave the audience just the right amount of theatrics to go along with them. Gaga and Maxwell should be incredibly proud.

Harper’s Bazaar: "The Camp theme was created for Lady Gaga and she didn’t rest on her meat dress laurels—wearing 4, count them 4, Brandon Maxwell looks all at once (for a minute, at least). A giant pink gown with a doll-like bow, a black strapless gown, a pink slip dress with giant cell phone, and finally, some very chic lingerie with sparkly tights. It was quite a way to kick off the carpet."

Forbes: "We challenge you to come up with a star who can embody camp better than Lady Gaga. (Meat dress, anyone?) That’s what made her a perfect choice as one of this year's co-chairs for the Met Gala. Her red carpet ensembles—yes, plural—exceeded expectations with not one but four outfits."

New York Post: "Take it off, Lady Monster! Her grand entrance in Brandon Maxwell turned into an haute strip tease that made even Anna Wintour smile."

Hollywood Reporter: "The Oscar-winning star teamed up with her former stylist Brandon Maxwell, who designed four custom pieces, revealed in a high-performance act on the pink carpet."

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