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'rolling stone' launching a daily music chart on may 13th

  • rolling stone will begin publishing its own music charts beginning next monday, may 13th, in a challenge to the longtime leader in the field, billboard magazine.

  • the new “rolling stone charts” will encompass the top 100 singles and the top 200 albums in the u.s. the singles chart will be updated daily instead of weekly.

  • the lists are also expected to incorporate more information on streaming and offer more transparency about how the rankings are derived.

  • rolling stone, which is owned by penske media corp (which also owns variety, bought a majority stake in rolling stone two years ago, and became full owner of the property earlier this year), is hoping that those innovations will help it muscle onto turf that billboard has ruled for decades.

  • three other weekly charts that will launch monday are the rolling stone artist 500, ranking the most-streamed artists; the rolling stone trending 25, a list of the fastest-moving songs based on a number of metrics; and the rolling stone breakthrough 25, which will look at artists who have entered the charted for the first time.

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lil' nas x and nicki have something to kiki about tonight during the secret weekly calls i like to pretend they have.
ontd, are you ready for the new wave of stan wars? do you think billboard has grown comfortable and obsolete leaving itself open for this level of competition?
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