Mark Wahlberg has bought the rights to "The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence"

Mark Wahlberg has reportedly bought the rights to "The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence," the nightmarish true story of Larry Ray, who in 2010 moved into the Sarah Lawrence College dormitory of his then-sophomore daughter and began methodically manipulating her roommates.

According to a banned source, Wahlberg will develop the New York Magazine article, which details how "Ray's exploitation allegedly ratcheted up to physical, mental, and sexual abuse," with the help of Emmy Award winner (for 2014's The Normal Heart) and Academy Award nominee Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions.

While it has yet to be revealed whether the source material is being adapted for film or television, Wahlberg reportedly intends to star as Ray, 59, who is described by journalists Ezra Marcus and James D. Walsh as "of average height and overweight."

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