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Gwendoline Christie talks about Brienne's final season journey & Braime no1 shipper Nikolaj

She was asked if she expected that turn of events at the end of episode 4 and she said this:
I really didn't know if that would happen. I wasn't necessarily hoping for it. What I've always loved about playing that relationship with Nikolaj is that it's so unlikely. It's so unlike the kinds of relationships we see in our mainstream entertainment. No one's really known what kind of shape it would take. That's what's captivated people for so many years. From my perspective, although I've known what I was playing in a given scene, I haven't had an overriding goal of wanting them to end up in bed together or in a relationship together. We never knew where it was going, so we always played it moment by moment.

About the love scene:
We laughed a lot on the day, shooting [the love scene], because it's ludicrous! You're in there with a medieval fireplace and a hundred people in the room… it's ludicrous. (Laughs.) But that's also what was so thrilling. Somehow, you connect with the suspension of disbelief. In that moment, you just let the characters live. It's what was so thrilling about playing the writing.

Read the rest at the source!!!!

What do you think about Brienne and Jamie's journeys?
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