Tamar Braxton may not go to nieces funeral

-Lauren Braxton, 24,daughter of Michael Braxton Jr. and the niece of the Braxton sisters died of a heart condition last week.

- Tamar went on Instagram live after being silent for the week to say she was to upset to post , but thanked fans for condolences.

- She then went on to talk about her tour with Kandi Burress and feeling drained, saying she may not go to her nieces funeral.

-Tamar said in part," I don't want my sisters or my family to get upset with me but like, the things that have been going on , this is the first time anybody has passed in my family.

- People online called her selfish and insensitive.

- Tamar responded by posting about why people shoud not tell other people how to grieve.

Ontd: How do you grive? Are you emotinal, stoic, or a combination.