Britney's mom gets involved in conservatorship battle, Miley yells "Free Britney"

Britney's mom is getting involved in Britney's lifelong conservatorship. After riling up fans by liking comments about the #FreeBritney campaign on social media a few weeks ago, Lynne is now deciding to intervene.

According to court records, Lynne Spears filed a request Monday requesting special notice and asking to be informed of all matters regarding Britney and her conservatorship. Lynne is also using her own attorney to file the paperwork.

She is also asking to be part of Britney's scheduled May 10th hearing regarding the conservatorship.


Miley Cyrus also decided to get involved in the #FreeBritney campaign, by yelling it out to 60,000+ fans in attendance at the Beale Street Festival.

What's interesting about this, is that Miley previously shared the same management as Britney Spears, but parted ways with them in 2017.