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mormor releases his new ep, 'some place else'

  • on friday, toronto singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, mormor released some place else, the follow up to his 2018 ep, heaven's only wishful.

  • in his own words "i wrote these songs during a time where i couldn’t shake my demons...i was forced to confront what i had been masking in smiles and metaphors. it was a long winter."

  • stream the ep below:

some place else tracklist:

  1. "some place else"

  2. "outside"

  3. "days like this"

  4. "pass the hours"

  5. "make believe"

  6. "get away"

sources 1 | 2

i love heaven's only wishful. this is in the same emotional region which i like, but i think it's more of a grower.
ontd, how long was your winter?
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