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Gabrielle Union & Jessica Alba Talk ‘L.A.’s Finest’ at ‘Toast To the Arts’ Emmy Event

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba flash attended Sony Pictures Television's Emmy FYC Event 2019 Toast to the Arts event on Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles.

L.A.'s Finest is a spinoff of the Bad Boys movie franchise. The first three episodes will premiere on Spectrum On Demand on May 13.

During the interview, Gabrielle talked about creating the show and on why she wanted to work with Jessica.

Gabrielle on seeking out Jessica for the part: "There are not too many women who run a billion-dollar company, have established iconic characters who can kick ass, who have the same work ethic I do and who are not afraid to speak their mind. There's only Jessica Alba."

On the diversity of the casting: "It was already a revolutionary act of having two female leads, one of whom is black, who’s in charge and who gets to have a massive say-so...And she's a Latina who is the face and owner and creator of a billion-dollar company, who is an international superstar. It doesn’t happen, but it’s because we haven’t been given the opportunity.”

Sources: 1,2
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