ONTD Original: 4 reasons you know why "The Last Summer" was written by men

Folks, the latest bland offering from Netflix is out, and it stars KJ Apa from Riverdale and Maia Mitchell from *checks IMDB* The Fosters.

IMDB's description: "A group of young people in Chicago come together during the summer before they head off to college."

Ready to hear the highlights from this clusterfuck? Spoilers under the cut!

It is your typical mid-aughts-teen-coming-of-age movie, except it tries to update itself for the social-media, "woke"-era. One male character ranks all the women he wants to sleep with, but he gets told by his BFF that you shouldn't do this kind of thing, and he gets caught and humiliated by everyone for his stupidity. That's pretty much the main thing the movie is willing to do to seem "enlightened," and it felt fan service-y, because the women otherwise do NOT act like real characters.

Without further ado, here are some of this movie's red flags:

1) A couple of one-dimensional teenage dweebs are frustrated that both "hot" and "average" women (their words) won't hook up with them. They pretend to be stock traders and meet two gorgeous older women whom they start relationships with. One of the boys eventually confesses he's actually an 18-year-old, and the woman he's with just laughs and says she actually knew this whole time had been waiting for him to confess. (She saw his ID after the first night they slept with each other.) She's still into him anyways and praises how amazing he is! The other woman also does not care that she's dating an 18-year-old who just graduated high school.

2) The guy mentioned above who got shamed for having a ranking list of women says he regrets doing that. Later, an older woman whom he had been working for during the summer sees him, and invites him to her house and says, "Do you want something cold?"....or "How about something hot?" in a seductive tone. Again, these are 18-year-old kids who have just graduated high school. He then looks knowingly into the camera like he's about to get laid. One of the items on his hot list was "cougar," so one part of his wish list ends up getting fulfilled anyways!

3) One of the characters is babysitting a kid, with a stereotypical stage mom. That mom just got a boob job, and when the babysitter is over with her friend, she's like "You gotta get a load of these honkers."

4) This movie portrays fame-obsessed, vapid characters, which might otherwise not seem like a big deal, except all of them are women. That stereotypical stage mom forces her kid into acting and singing, and is just an all-around shitty human being who never shows up to the kid's auditions. Another character is obsessed with having her own reality show, and in a scene where she's on a yacht with her boyfriend, mom, and dad, the boyfriend and dad are clearly bored, with the movie trying to signal: "Look at who they have to deal with, amirite?" There are some scum male characters, like KJ Apa's dad who is a cheater, so this one is harder to prove as misogynistic, but it's just a feeling you get, y'know?

Source: Youtube video and my eyes