Ashton Kutcher May Be Called To Testify In Trial Of Former Girlfriend's Killer

- The trial of an accused serial killer, Michael Gargiulo (aka The Hollywood Ripper), began on Thursday in Los Angeles, California.

- He is accused of killing Tricia Pacaccio, Ashley Ellerin, and Maria Bruno as well as the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy.

-Lawyers have compiled a list of over 250 witnesses, including Ashton Kutcher.

-Kutcher and Ellerin dated in 2001 and had plans to go to a Grammy Awards after-party together. When he could't reach her, he went to her home and looked into a back window and saw what he thought was spilled wine. He left. However, it was actually blood that he saw and her body was discovered the next morning.

-Gargiulo's DNA was discovered during the attack of Michelle Murphy in 2008 and was used to link him to the other murders.