British runner Sharp received death threats for Semenya comments

Sharp said she had received death threats for past comments about Semenya's "advantage" in middle distance races.
She finished ninth behind winner Semenya in Friday's Diamond League 800m race in Doha.
The victory was the 30th consecutive for double Olympic champion Semenya at the distance.

"I've had death threats. I've had threats against my family and that's not a position I want to be in. It's really unfortunate the way it's played out. By no means am I over the moon about this, it's just been a long 11 years for everyone. I've known Caster since 2008, it's something I've been familiar with over the past 11 years. No-one benefits from this situation - of course she doesn't benefit, but it's not me versus her, it's not us versus them."

In the future, Semenya and others with DSD must take medication to reduce their testosterone levels if they wish to continue competing in races between 400 meters and a mile.