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Happy #StarWarsDay! Here's to Celebrating #MayThe4th


It's Star Wars Day / Free Comic Book Day! But mostly Star Wars Day. What's going on in a Galaxy Right Here, Right Now?

Take a listen to the John William's score from Galaxy's Edge; Avaliable on Spotify, iTunes, and....Tidal.

Or, you can read and disagree with the ranking of All 10 Star Wars films;

Rogue One is at #8 because hey, you know how the shit ends, and the characters are mostly dull as dishwater.

Revenge of the Sith is #5, giving us a so-so conclusion to a pretty poor trilogy.

The Last Jedi is #3. Fight amongst yourselves about it.

Members of the NFL team get their Star Wars on in a lightsaber battle! The only person I recognize in this clip is Darth Vader, even in orange. I'm not a sports person. I just thought this was cool and on theme for today.

(Starts @ 3:14)

Remember that Samuel L Jackson was in the prequel trilogy as Mace Windu....and he took the purple lightsaber with him and never gave it back.
When he walked in with a bag containing the prop, Brie immediately burst into tears, presumably of joy. She's a SW fan too!

Also, it's engraved with "Bad Motherfucker" apparently. That's cool.

Think this is just a nerd holiday? Well, yeah, but California made it official;

The vote was in 'honor' of Galaxy's Edge, opening later this month at DisneyLand, and still presumably not paying Cast Members enough to live on. But there's a giant Yoda balloon outside of the state capitol! Ooooh!

What are you doing this May 4th?

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