Britney Spears recreates (?) Janet's Control cover + short history of Brit stanning Miss Jackson

Britney is back at her house which she now uses for impromptu photoshoots apparently! She posted pics of her striking a pose against a red backdrop which are quite reminiscent of Janet Jackson's iconic Control cover art. This would not be a reach as Janet has been a long-time influence on Britney's music, performances, and dance routines with Britney herself often speaking about her love for Janet on camera or covering her songs on tour.

Behind the scenes, courtesy of Britney's insta.

And because this is an informative post take a trip down memory lane and witness Britney's Janet stanning firsthand!

It all started in 1999, with Britney covering a few of Janet's hits on her first headlining tour...

while she also wasn't shy about expressing her love for Janet in interviews

Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation was featured in Britney's 2011 VMA commercial along with another notable influence in her career, Madonna.

And finally just last year Britney was dancing away to Janet's (underrated) track All Nite in the dance studio.

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