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ONTD Original: Male Singers in Crop Tops - A Look?

Male Singers in Crop Tops - A Look?

Sun's out, guns happy trails ouT
You're probably used to the next festival gay to be running around in a cropped tank top, but should the trend continue on? Men bearing their midriff in crop tops made a quiet comeback around 2014 but has actually been around since the 80's. While MOST male singers stay boring af fashion-wise, a very few select of performers have actually experimented with the crop top look and showed the guys and gals what they shoulda did.

Here were 9 male performers who revealed whether they were an innie or an outie via tantalizing lewks.


Prince was no stranger to flamboyant clothing and revealing silhouettes during the early parts of his career, with stage wear including fringes, boots, and thongs. He wore crop top cuts mostly during the mid to late 80's.

Mark Owen (Take That)

NGL I don't know much about Take That other than they were British, Robbie Williams is in it (I still don't know a single song from ha but he's pals with everyone), that one of them co-wrote a song w/ Lily Allen, and 4 of them are still together touring. I don't think their music ever crossed over in the states and radio.

But I did see they pandered to the gay community a biT back in the day and they SERVED sex appeal clothing-wise compared to boyband counterparts.

Jason Orange (Take That)

This disco number really brought out the gayness, but I can't complain. (also we need more men to start wearing short shorts)

AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys)

AJ was the Edwin of Backstreet Boys who had a more daring fashion sense between the hair dye, sunglasses, and cowboy hats. This outfit reveal on stage at the 1999 VMAs was truly an overlooked moment in VMA fashion history.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi at Coachella 2014 was a memorable moment in recent times that made headlines. We didn't know what he did but it did set off something in some of us from that point on - we have no choice BUT to stan.

Olly Alexander (Years & Years)

Olly is one of few male mainstream acts out there not being afraid of giving us femme fashion and dance moves. He's been wearing crop tops and even wore a very... special one at a GQ event recently.

WHEW the following men of kpop gave us FLAVOR in the live performance fashion realm - when will western acts? Here are a few examples;

Wonho (MONSTA X)

Twittersphere is really to credit for bringing my attention to this singer from kpop band MONSTA X (I've only heard a few bops from them [is their name even stylized in capital letters?]) giving us a 1999 Sometimes Britney Spears white turtle neck crop top moment.

Kai (Exo)

King Daniel

Honorable Mentions From
Ginuwine / Lenny Kravitz / Axl Rose

Men In Crop Tops?

God no.
I prefer men to start wearing booty shorts tbh

any more examples of this?? (for research purposes)

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