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Advertisers are now pulling their ads from Teen Mom 2 after dog killing incident

Follow up to this post

After the human emodiment of despicable garbage (Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evan's husband) murdered the family's tiny french bulldog for allegedly nipping one of their many neglected kids, outrage from the general public has caught the attention of respectable advertisers who have confirmed that because they don't condone the vile behavior of animal abuse, they will no longer be running their ads in association with the trash program.

UPDATE: Chipotle, Dove Chocolate, Twix AND Extra Gum have now pulled their ads!! ^^

Advertisers that are still supporting this disaster-filled franchise and appear not to mind that their brands are associated with the brutal slaying of this defenseless animal include: Chipotle, Shick Intution, TRESemme, DoveChocolate, Netflix, Taco Bell, LifeOnPurple, GarnierUSA, Maybelline, OrangeTheory, Twix, LOrealUSA, Redbull, Sonicdrivein, VaselineBrand, Starburst, CreditKarma, HersheyCompany, Subway, BelVita, Olivegarden, Fitbit, Magnum Ice Cream, Ubykotex, Discovercotton, Extragum, Pureprotein, Egglandsbest, Fanaticssupport, Dominos, Disney, Toonblast, Oldspice, ValeroEnergy
MTV has also yet to make a statement.

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