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It’s time to talk about Thor in Avengers: Endgame (Endgame spoilers)

In an article on Buzzfeed News, author Jenna Guillaume discusses the changes to the character Thor.

Warning, this post has spoilers.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
- Thor has PTSD and depression following the events of Infinity War. As a result he has become a recluse and has gained considerable weight.

- Thor, nicknamed Fat Thor on social media, spends his time eating, drinking beer, and playing Fornite.

- During the movie Thor has several panic attacks and they are played for laughs. Rocket actually slaps him to get him to calm down.

- Thor’s appearance and hygiene are mocked by several characters. The other Avengers doubt his ability to fight in the battle against Thanos.

- The author states that the film missed opportunities to explore his grief and loss. And it relies on stereotypes and jokes at the expense of overweight people.

- They could have used the this to explore mental health and addiction. The authors states that directors Joe and Anthony Russo missed an opportunity to explore Thor’s PTSD and show it in a “nuanced and meaningful way.”

What are your thoughts on the Russos’ portrayal of Thor?

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