Taylor Swift ignored the history and legacy of Black marching bands for her personal gain

Taylor Swift is facing major ridicule and backlash from her performance of ME! at the billboard music awards. Swift's performance inspired the hashtag, #Mayochella, a play on Beychella, which Beyoncé's Coachella performance was nicknamed. Nylon cites, Black marching bands are the pride, culture and tradition of HBCUs (historically black college and universities) Marchers where accompanied by uniformed marching drummers, majorette dancers, steppers and other performers. Marching band culture were deployed with pride and context. Swift used her marching band to tell one of the dudes from Panic! at the Disco that he'll never find another lover like her.

To add insult to injury Swift has resorted to cringe worthy tactics to ensure her lackluster single ME! is a hit. She has released a rehersal billboard performance on vinyl, discounted the song and now is sending out personal videos to people who purchased the song.

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