Vanessa Hudgens and Gabrielle Union pose makeup free for People magazine for the second time

30 year old Vanessa Hudgens and 46 year old Gabrielle Union have returned roughly ten years after their first time to once again pose without makeup for people magazine.

Vanessa looks at the quote her 19 year old self gave, "I just recently learned to be okay with myself without wearing makeup," and now claims "lie, that is SUCH a lie. I did NOT feel great about not wearing makeup. I feel like just last year I started to feel good without wearing makeup."

About returning ten years later, Gabrielle says, "I feel mildly less confident than I did ten years ago, but you know what once I made peace with who I am and where I'm at and being 46 I actually feel pretty solid about being back here ten years later. I'm finally really okay with me."

Left pics-late aughts. Right pics, 2019.

Source 1 2 (pics taken from youtube screenshots)

ONTD, do you wear makeup?