Chris Evans talks food, travel, and what it takes to get a superhero physique

*As part of their May cover story with Chris Evans, Men's Journal asked Chris 5 questions about some of his favorite things:

*Favorite Gear? Sunglasses because he says his eyes are weak and he squints a lot

*Favorite Food to cook? Doesn't know how to cook very well, wants to start learning eventually. But for now, he can cook a few things, like eggs.

Favorite drink? Beer, but says he has to stop that because he's getting too old.

Favorite place to travel? Boston, Northern CA, Vancouver, Italy.

*Favorite Workout? Shoulder work.

Speaking of working out, Chris details his super grueling workouts to explain how he got buff for the role of Captain America...

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Glad to know my future husband will be handling breakfast in bed duties for me...LOL!